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Top 10 best bachelor degree’s

Hey guess what! Forbes has 2015’s top ten best bachelor’s degrees for getting hired. Is yours on there? I’m sure you have been told by somebody, that the best job career’s out there would be an engineer or doctor or… Continue Reading →

Snow Day

We all have memories of playing in the snow when we were younger. The snowmen, snow angels, and let’s not forget about the snowball fights. Snow days were the most exciting things to ever happen and always included at least… Continue Reading →

Winter Fun

With colder weather approaching, it can be difficult to find the motivation to spend time outdoors. It’s tempting to spend all day inside watching movies with a cup of hot chocolate. This is a lot of fun too, but it’s… Continue Reading →

Finding the Perfect Tree

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is working hard to find the perfect decorations. Lights, ornaments, and trees help people get into the holiday spirit. Christmas trees have been a tradition for hundreds of years and finding the… Continue Reading →

3 bad reasons to go to grad school

Avoiding financial obligations- Graduate school is not the answer if all you are doing is going to avoid paying the student loan debt or because you can’t find a job. Although grad school can be very beneficial, don’t go for… Continue Reading →

3 reasons why your cover letter is important

They asked for one– This seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how much people blow this off. If your potential employer asks for you to include a cover letter, then include one! Just by the simple… Continue Reading →

5 things every business owner should know

Running a business, even a small business is tough. Every detail matters. If you only hit the big points then you miss the small points, and when you look back and evaluate what you did, you realize that one word… Continue Reading →

Look Good, Feel Great

Apple Cider Vinegar The new fad that everyone is talking about is apple cider vinegar. The stuff literally helps everything. From acne to bloating and even digestion, apple cider vinegar might just be what you need! It will not only… Continue Reading →

Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body and Soul Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself takes time because It won’t just happen over night. Choosing to eat right is part of it, but it’s also taking time to focus on your mind, body, and soul…. Continue Reading →

8 Powerful Habits That Can Make You Successful

Becoming a successful person is all about creating habits and getting yourself in a routine. When you feel successful you’re entire mood and overall well-being changes entirely. You feel better about yourself and feel more satisfied. You have a sense… Continue Reading →

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