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Voodoo Music & Art Experience Review

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Voodoo Music and Arts Experience festival in City Park, New Orleans. It was all around a great weekend filled with fun and excitement. First the security and bag check at the… Continue Reading →

Okeechobee 2017 Lineup Release

If you are a festival junkie like myself then lineup releases can sometimes feel like Christmas morning. This morning (November 10th 2016) Okeechobee released its 2017 lineup along with early bird tickets. My phone was immediately blowing up from my… Continue Reading →

First Festival Essentials

Welcome, to the wonderful world of music festivals. It’s hot, there’s a lot of people, it’s really loud, and quite frankly its pretty damn intimidating. No one is ever fully prepared for their first festival experience, and granted each festival… Continue Reading →

What is the perfect amount of expression regarding spirituality in the Business World?

HELLO BLOG WORLD! What do you think when you hear, observe or notice a person sharing their beliefs and ideals. When I do I tend to connect that to the person, to their personality and their ideas, it gives me… Continue Reading →

What is personal spirituality? How does it affect you and your business?

HELLO BLOG WORLD! As a college student I am learning new material every day. Not only in the classroom, but in the real world classroom. I am learning myself, and how I can effectively improve and succeed in my personal… Continue Reading →

Get Drunk, Not Fat! Which Healthy Alcoholic Beverages You Should Choose.

Hi, hello, wassup fellow bloggers! Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means..PARTY! If you want to get tipsy, but not completely lose all of that hard work you have done for your body, make sure… Continue Reading →


In today’s time the popularity of CD’s and MP3 players are decreasing. And taking their place are streaming services. A streaming service requires a small, flat fee once a month in for unlimited music. With streaming services on the rise,… Continue Reading →


College students take the gold medal when it comes to multitasking. It is apart of their everyday lives and it is even something they do while studying. Many times, college students will listen to music as they study. This makes… Continue Reading →


For those who love all things music, the spring and summer time mean just one thing… music festivals! Across the country, this past year was full of festivals from Coachella on west coast to Firefly, which is in Delaware. There… Continue Reading →

Don’t Feel Like Taking a Trip to the Gym? Here are 8 Exercises You Can Try in Your Apartment.

Hello everyone and welcome back to Exercise for the Wise!  Going to the gym can be a hassle. It’s usually packed, it takes a good amount of time to travel there, and you may just not have the motivation to… Continue Reading →

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